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Hacker Factor develops custom software for business clients. The following applications are provided as public samples.
  • FotoForensics.
    An online, real-time photo forensics system. Users can submit pictures for digital analysis and immediately see the analysis. This is an example of some of the photo forensics tools developed by Hacker Factor.

  • Gender Guesser.
    The words you use can disclose identifying features. This tool attempts to determine an author's gender based on the words used.

    Submitted text is evaluated based on two types of writing: formal and informal. Formal writing includes fiction and non-fiction stories, articles, and news reports. Informal writing includes blog and chat-room text. (Email can be formal, informal, or some combination.) You should view the results based on the appropriate type of writing.

    This is an example forensic profiling tool that averages around 70% accurate.

  • Jpeg Quality (C source code).
    This program estimates a JPEG's quality level by averaging the quantization tables.

Vulnerability Disclosures

On occasion, security risks, exploits, and issues become public. The following reports are the Hacker Factor public disclosures. Please be aware that the vast majority of issues identified by Hacker Factor are never presented to the public.
  • Olivier Debon Flash Player Write-Overflow (15-January-2002). Reported at BugTraq and CERT.

  • HPUX pcltotiff escalated privileges (March 2001). Reported at BugTraq, and in the HP Security Advisory. NOTE: Hewlett-Packard announced the defect as a denial-of-service. This is incorrect; it is a privilege escalation.

  • Macromedia Flash Player Overflows (29-December-2000). Numerous overflow and denial-of-service conditions due to the Macromedia Flash player. Reported at BugTraq and CERT. This was also picked up by the popular press, including Flash Magazine, Fox News, and many foreign media outlets.