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About Hacker Factor

Hacker Factor is a leader in cutting edge computer forensics research, providing custom security-oriented software and consulting services to business customers.

About Dr. Neal Krawetz

Neal Krawetz earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2002, he founded Hacker Factor Solutions (www.hackerfactor.com) where he specializes in non-traditional computer forensics, online profiling, networking, and computer security. In 2012, he started FotoForensics -- an online service for digital photo analysis. His research focus on anti-anonymity technologies combines fields as vast as ergonomics and child development to artificial intelligence and theoretical biophysics. He is the author of three books and numerous articles, and is a popular speaker at local and national conferences. His work experience spans small startup companies, academic and university environments, and large Fortune-100 corporations.