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The following presentations represent a sample of the conferences attended by Hacker Factor. In addition to public conferences, Hacker Factor provides private presentations for corporate affiliates.

Image Analysis

A Picture's Worth: Digital Image Analysis and Photo Forensics. Dr. Neal Krawetz, Hacker Factor Solutions. Variations of this talk have been presented at:

Linguistic Analysis and Profiling

You Are What You Type: Non-Classical Computer Forensics. Presented at:

Spam and Email Analysis

Nobody's Anonymous: Tracking Spam and Covert Channels. Variations of this talk presented at:
  • July 2004. Black Hat Briefings, Las Vegas NV, July 2004. Presented under the pseudonym "C.Kret". (Summary, Slides)
  • January 2004. Black Hat Briefings, Seattle, WA. Presented under the pseudonym "C.Kret". (Slides)
  • October 2003. InfowarCon, Washington DC. (Summary)
Evil with Email: Evaluation of an Insecure Network Service. Presented at:

Vulnerability Evaluation

Htaccess Security. Fort Collins Internet Professionals, December 2009.

Flash and Crash: SWF Protocol and Problems. Presented at Toorcon in San Diego, September 2002.

Other Topics

Introduction to Net Neutrality. Fort Collins Internet Professionals, January 2015.


The Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center sponsors an annual Forensic Challenge. Each year Team Hacker Factor has participated, we have placed in the top five and had the highest score for civilian teams.
  • November 2008: Team Hacker Factor came in third place (out of 199 teams). Read more in the blog entry.
  • November 2007: Team Hacker Factor came in third place (out of 126 teams). Read more in the blog entry.
  • December 2006: Team Hacker Factor came in fifth place (out of 140 teams). Read more in the blog entry.