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Software and services provided by Hacker Factor are limited to professional and business-oriented clients. At this time, Hacker Factor cannot provide advice, software, services, or support to individuals or home users.

Please direct business inquiries to:

Hacker Factor
P.O. Box 270033
Fort Collins, CO

Or send email:

For media requests: Please contact our partner organization, AELIUS Exploitation Technologies.

For marketeers and advertisers: Do not send offers to improve our search engine ranking, inquiries regarding advertisements or link swapping, or other sales pitches (spam). Do not subscribe this email address to any mailing lists. Adding this address to your mailing list will be treated as an intentional network attack and we will react accordingly.

For individuals seeking legal assistance: Do not contact us. Instead, have your attorney contact us. If you do not have an attorney, then get an attorney and have the attorney contact us. Any emails that you send to us are discoverable evidence and will likely be used against you. In contrast, emails from your attorney may be privileged (protected) communications.